Free download Ribbon Finder for Office Professional Plus 2010

Ribbon Finder for Office Professional Plus 2010

Ribbon Finder helps you use ten thousand of commands in Ribbon, and it supports multiple languages for searching the commands
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10 March 2011

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Microsoft Office is one program that has lifted a major burden from each and every professional’s head by providing a set of very effective applications. Yet there are still areas out there left to explore in the program. Like the massive amount of commands contained within an office program. Ribbon Finder for Office Professional Plus 2010 1.0.03 does the task of highlighting each and every one of these commands for your satisfaction. By doing so, we are able to pick and choose whichever command we require without having to go through the painful process of manually searching and sorting. No need to be a genius to figure this software out as it lets you use the words your comfortable with and search for the required commands and functions.

Soon your troubles will be in the past as Ribbon Finder for Office has a host of new and improved features which will help you in overcoming a mountain of problems that would otherwise weight heavy over your head. A number of keywords can be stringed together to get better and instant search results. The option to use multiple languages increases this software’s capability and credibility as you can carry on search requests in other languages too. Search results can be customized too according to the requirements; Icons can also vary in size from big to small depending on what you are comfortable with. The quick access toolbar can be integrated with the software in order for the search bar to be active there too for easy availability.

Downloading this software will definitely make life and work pressure a slice of cake due to the varied amount of options it provides one with. Ribbon Finder for Office gets a practical score of 3 out of 5 and is sure to keep your troubles and tension at bay.

Publisher's description

Help to use ten thousand commands in Office, supports multiple languages keyword.
Do you ever try to think of that how many commands in each Microsoft Office programs? I am gonna to tell you that there are more than thousands of commands with every Microsoft Office programs, such as the most popular Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Try to imagine that with such huge amount of commands, how can you fast get to know or find the Office commands in a short time? If so, Ribbon Finder is there for you to fast know and find the specified commands you need from thousands of commands in each Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, InfoPath and Publisher. With Ribbon Finder, you just need to search with your own words and click on the command you need, that's very simple and fast!
Let's take my real experience of using Microsoft Office as an example. There's one day when I needed to resend an email in Outlook 2010, I had been taken almost half an hour on this simple action. Yes, it's simple, if you know how to do. But for me, I need to Google it on the Internet. Let's go back to my story. Firstly, I asked one of my colleges for the question, but he told me that he didn't figure out yet after he had browsed all the tabs and commands in Outlook! Finally, I had to search the question in Google. Thanks to Google, I had found the answer what I was looking for. Yes, I mean I know How to resend am email in Outlook 2010 after more than 30 minutes slip always. Can you imagine that one day when you have to face the same question while you are using the Microsoft Office Programs, no matter what the real commands you need to find or know, you do really need to find the commands in each Microsoft Office programs sometime. If you haven't forgot you have been told there are more than thousands of commands in each Microsoft Office program. Does Ribbon Finder can really help me fast to find a command? The answer is YES!
Ribbon Finder for Office Professional Plus 2010
Ribbon Finder for Office Professional Plus 2010
Version 1.0
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